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About & Credits


I am a storyteller by nature, a writer by craft, and I also cook professionally by trade. To me, the dining experience is like a good story. Of wilderness and spice routes, the familiar with the unexpected. Food is how we can have the most visceral, intimate connection to landscape. By engaging with local, wild foods, we are more likely to value and protect it. 

I am not a filmmaker or video editor, hence, some of the shaky, blurry, imperfect moments in these videos. But I created them much as I cook - with what I have available and with a lot of love. 

Thank You

Menu from Spaceship Earth was inspired by my participation in the Design Science Studio, a cohort of global creatives brought from around the world to re-imagine a regenerative world that benefits 100% of earth’s inhabitants.

This was organized by the Buckminister Fuller Institute and developed with habRitual.  It’s also part of a branch of this studio, the Living Systems Art & Design Collaboratory with the University of California Irvine and Emergent Media DesignLab.  


Throughout the thick of the pandemic lock down, through fire evacuations and other natural disasters, thought leaders, artists and innovators gave talks on how we can create more compassionate, regenerative systems. I’d particularly like to thank Mansoor Vakili and his work on non-linear networks and how we can transform linear thinking to non-linear to be more aligned with ecosystems.

Website Credits

Sea Urchin Apocalypse Video is by Sashwa Burrous. Learn more about the disappearing kelp forests at Finding Forests

Fortunately, Marlan Barry removed the background noises from the audio recordings. 

Thanks to Captain Heather Richards for sharing some of her video she's taken of the San Francisco Bay during herring season. 

The background music is from Creative Commons.

Black Trumpets and Death: Somni Soror by Dee Yan-Key

Herring and the Fertile Void: Conclusion by Scott Holmes

Porcini and Pleasure: Lullaby by Dee Yan Key

Sea Urchin and the Underwater Apocalypse: sanctus/benedictus by Dee Yan-Key

Truffles and Desire: Breathing by Spectacular Sound

Candy Caps: See your life in tree minutes by Lobo Loco

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