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Seasonal Pandemic Menu from Spaceship Earth, Latitude 37.8591° N, Longitude 122.4853° W

Augmented Reality Menu inspired by the philosophy of Buckminster Fuller for the Design Science Studio and Living Systems Collaboratory

Season: Winter 2020-21

by Maria Finn 


Black Trumpets & Death 

99% of who you are is invisible and untouchable. Buckminster Fuller 

Black trumpet mushroom flatbread with Douglas fir tips, pine nuts and za'atar spice. 


Black trumpets taste of exquisite soil and sobering certainty. 


Small Plate

Porcini & Pleasure Risotto 

I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb… Buckminister Fuller.

Risotto made with porcini stock, seasoned with porcini salt and served with porcini caps, fresh herbs and aged pecorino cheese.

The integral function of this dish is pleasure.  

Herring & the Fertile Void 

Pickled SF Bay herring served over preserved lemon-cumin yogurt with pickled onions, miner’s lettuce and wild onion blossoms. 


It will make you fertile, or lonely, or creative, or everything or nothing. 

Amuse - Bouche

    Uni & the Underwater Apocalypse

                At Least It's Edible 

Purple sea urchin roe with nori and King salmon skin chicharrones dusted with fennel pollen. 

We are on a spaceship; a beautiful one. It took billions of years to develop. We're not going to get another. Now, how do we make this spaceship work?"  Buckminister Fuller


Truffles & Desire

Fresh wild, truffles shaved over house made

tagliatelle pasta tossed in butter and pecorino cheese. 


Our skin has the same bacterial content as soil.

Our blood has equal portions of saline and other

minerals as the ocean. We are pulsing, hungering,

fractals of planet earth.


So where are truffles in our bodies? The desires waiting to be unearthed in us.


"Pretty Sure They're Candy Cap Mushrooms" Creme Brulee 

JPEG image-1DD482D0767E-1.jpeg

SIP (Shelter in Place) House Cocktails 

Keeling Curve 

Gin with pine tip simple syrup - a taste of gratitude from nature for taking a few months off from voracious consumption so the trees could breathe. 


Jalapeno infused vodka, blended at very high speeds with ashy ice, a dash of Angostura orange bitters. 

Holiday Surge on Surge 

Eggnog with whatever strange liquor we find and dust off and think, 'maybe this won't be bad with eggnog.

Sedition Sour 

Jack Daniels & lemonade. 

Wine & Beer



California Red Blend

Hints of smoke,  fear, dark fruit, leather, with a slight tannic finish and a lingering sense that life will never be quite the same.  

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

From the Marlborough region of New Zealand. No, you cannot move there. They don't even want you to visit. But you can drink their wine and contemplate 'what if we had a woman leader when the Coronavirus hit?'

Just Wear Your Damn Mask IPA 

Sour & hoppy with a slightly salty mid-palate that tastes of shame and fear. 

New Social Pod Pale Ale 

A fruity, nutty amber beer best enjoyed with new friends. 



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